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We use state-of-the-art technology and the latest ergonomic design methods to create a unique and exciting range of products.

Our Systems


Hatchery containers

Algae in-a-box is the latest innovation from the team at Ocean on Land Technology. Designed with our ‘ease of use’ and ‘plug and play’ ethos, Algae in-a-box comes ready to run, just connect electricity and water. The units are fitted into a specialised 20’ or 40’ shipping container (box) making it easy to transport, giving you the added benefit of installing them anywhere. Built on reliable production principles, Algae in-a-box is a truly unique product that allows you to grow multiple algal species simultaneously saving on cost and time. Its modular design makes it highly customisable, expandable and easy to tailor to your own needs. Created to pair perfectly with our lab in-a-box system, this  product will transform the efficiency of your hatchery.

  • Allows simultaneous growth of multiple algal species
  • Units fitted in containers making it easily transportable
  • Easy to use due to plug and play design
  • Can hold up to 30 bags
  • Quick to set-up and to inoculate new cultures.
  • Comes in two different sizes 20’ or 40’
  • Highly suited for shellfish production
  • Batch or continuous production
  • 0.01 micron air filtration
  • 0.1 micron sea water filtration
  • Automated nutrient delivery
  • Automated harvesting
  • IP65 non-corrosive LED lighting

For more details about our Algae in a box system, please click here.

Hatchery In-A-Box

We have now incorporated our highly successful Aquahive® product into the design of a novel Hatchery In-a-Box, which incorporates a complete hatchery solution from holding and conditioning broodstock lobsters to the production of juveniles. This complete hatchery solution, which is available in four different models, occupies a small footprint, in one or more specifically fitted out and adapted sea containers, which can be easily transported around the world to coastal areas, harbours and even green field sites. This is a further way we assist the sustainability of such an iconic species, protected the livelihoods of not only today’s fisherman and communities but also for future generations.

The Hatchery In-a-Box concept offers the advantage of being movable, allowing clients to easily relocate their operations if a site is seasonal or if a more advantageous site is found. It also allows operations to be tested in different seaside locations.

The Hatchery In-a-Box is a culmination of ideas to produce a low footprint clawed lobster hatchery, which can be located in sensitive locations that may have limited opportunities in regards to planning consent for fixed buildings.

Fully insulated and temperature controlled, the Hatchery In-a-Box can be scaled from 20ft to 40ft containers depending on the customer's individual requirements. It utiilises a plug and play concept, whereby once power is connected to the main electrical supply and sea water connected to the filtration systems, customers can begin clawed lobster farming and restocking. The concept eliminates the hassle of building large hatcheries on land, coming fully equipped with everything to get you started as well as a range of support options and training packages.

For more details about our Hatchery In-a-Box product, please click here.

Hatchery containers

  • 20ft Container
  • 4 x Aquahives
  • 7 x 200 litre Larval Upwellers
  • In a 20-week season approx. 40,000 juveniles would be ready for release back into a wild fishery
  • Extra features available to enhance production beyond the 20-week season would be the temperature and photoperiod manipulating light system with water chiller/heater


Our unique Broodstock System is suitable for both European and American clawed lobster.

Vertically stacked and highly space efficient, our Broodstock System is coupled with its own Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and water heater/chiller, enabling users to extend the larval season by increasing or decreasing egg incubation time. A photoperiod manipulating light system can also be fitted as an extra, pending each customer’s requirement.

The Broodstock System can hold multiples of eighteen female lobsters, with independent air systems and open top outflows that can be configured using our hatched larvae transfer equipment, which minimises mechanical damage to larvae when stocking into our Larval Upwellers. The systems come complete with all broodstock pipework and individual components can be removed, cleaned and replaced easily.

The RAS that is included with the Broodstock System can be set up to operate independently, allowing the biological filter to mature without connection to the Broodstock System. This flexibility allows operators peace of mind and an easy cleaning solution of the broodstock holding area, without reducing the efficiency of the biological filter. This system can be supplied without a reservoir and even retrofitted to an existing customer’s system, pending requirements.

For more details about our Broodstock System, please click here.


Our Larval Upweller is not only suitable for clawed lobster larvae, but for a range of aquaculture species that are required to be kept in suspension. It can even be utilised for the production of live feeds as an independent system.

Made using high quality materials, the Larval Upweller enables customers to incorporate ozone into the system. This also reduces the risk of producing toxic ozone radicals that can occur when ozone is incorporated into systems utilising fiberglass tanks.

The system can be configured as an individual 90L unit or in arrays of five 90L units. All systems come with two outlet screens with your choice of mesh size, an air stone and a 1” air manifold for connection to the air system.

All Larval Upwellers are fitted with individual flow meters, enabling operators peace of mind that the correct flow rates are consistently being provided. This feature is a great addition for even seasoned operators or academic and research institutes wishing to undergo experimentation. The water inlet system terminates in a 1.5” barrel union, that can be easily connected to the client's existing water system.

For those clients wishing to combine this system with our RAS or even find out how this system forms part of our HIB, please contact one of leading customer representatives here.

Aquahive System

Our proprietary juvenile system or Aquahive product is truly unique. Not only is it a trademarked product that out-performs traditional mono-layered tray-based systems by a factor of 40 on a per square metre basis, but we have also expanded and adapted its product range in line with customer requirements.

The ideal system for holding juvenile clawed lobsters (post stage IV), each Aquahive is composed of a maximum of 28 perforated trays, of which 27 are useable. Each tray holds a maximum of 140 juvenile clawed lobsters, equating to 3,780 lobsters per Aquahive. The chambers within each tray resemble a honeycomb, a space efficient shape enabling lobsters to thrive with high rates of survival.

  • Juvenile System
  • Juvenile System

The juvenile system traditionally comprises six Aquahive units, however individual units can be ordered and custom orders are accepted. Aquahives and entire Hatchery In-a-Box configurations can also be leased.

For more details about our Aquahive product, please click here.

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

At Ocean On Land Technology®, we offer a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) that can be fitted to any of our Broodstock System, Larval Upwellers or Aquahive Systems or even to an existing client’s system, improving water usage and enabling customers who may have a site with sub-optimal water quality at certain periods to still function their hatchery successfully.

The Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) has proven to be successful for hatchery and juvenile culture of European and American clawed lobsters and is the ‘heart’ of the HIB product. The system is highly energy efficient, utilising one pump that circulates water around the filtration and heating/cooling system.

The recirculation system comprises of a broad product range, manufactured from high quality polyethylene and U-PVC and can be customised to provide optimal water quality. We also offer stand-alone components that can be fitted to existing recirculating system.

All components of our Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) can be easily removed, cleaned, serviced and replaced.

The Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) can run independently of culture tanks, enabling water to only circulate around the filtration system, allowing the biological filter to mature or even allowing cleaning of the culture tanks whilst keeping the filtration system in an active and ready state.

We design our Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in close co-operation with client requirements. In addition, we ensure installation and operation is straightforward and that spare parts are available to order.

If you are interested to hear how our Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) can be fitted to our Broodstock System, Larval Upwellers or Aquahive System or even how this system forms part of our Hatchery In-a-Box or your existing system, please contact one of leading customer representatives.

For more details about our Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), please click here.

Juvenile System

The Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) comprises the following components:

  1. Mechanical filter removing solid particles larger than 60 microns
  2. A biological filter converting ammonia to non-toxic nitrogen products
  3. A micro-particulate particle filter removing suspended particles to 10, 5 or even 1 micron
  4. A final UV-filter, controlling bacterial loads
  5. An ozone unit can be recommended and fitted to our venturi powered foam fractionator, which effectively removes fine solids, proteinaceous and other organic matter



Our Lab-in-a-Box system allows clients to custom design their aquaculture laboratory to their own specific requirements. Whether they require a selection of our state-of-the-art products or need other, more species-specific equipment, we can design the system accordingly. The benefit of the Lab-in-a-Box is self-explanatory - it fits within a 20ft sea container, is completely modular and can be added too easily. In addition, it features a compact and ergonomic layout, is easy to clean with easy access to maintenance, has interior lining made from food grade materials and a hard-wearing floor made from epoxy resin. 

Not simply a sterile container unit, the Lab-in-a-Box is insulated on all sides so temperature regulation is uncomplicated no matter the location. Whatever the environment, we can deliver a cost-effective and completely bespoke laboratory solution to suit all uses and climates. 

The Lab-in-a-Box is designed to be an instant laboratory, but could easily be used as an experiment office, species showroom or culture production area. The potential uses for the system are endless. To date, we have created a wide range of applications from micro-algae starter laboratories with autoclaves and laminar flow hoods, to oyster broodstock holding systems. Also, let’s not forget our signature Hatchery-in-a-Box product, which is dedicated to the production of clawed American and European lobsters, all housed within a ground-breaking modular format for delivery anywhere in the world.

For full details on about our Lab-in-a-Box system, please click here.


Ocean On Land Technology offers a wide range of products to support its innovative hatchery solution systems, from spare parts and pumps and additional trays for your Aquahive, to a range of nutritional products and even live algae.

For more information about our range of products, pricing and availability, please contact one of our lobster specialists.

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