From supporting coastal communities and research agencies to complete farming solutions.


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Academic and Research Studies

The Ocean On Land Technology® team has, in the past ten years, been involved as a key player in major European research into lobster rearing to develop improved holding and grow-out techniques. This enables the company to access research into other commercially important crustacean species such as Nephrops (Scampi, Norway Lobster, Dublin Bay Prawn).

The company is also a founding member of the European Lobster Centre of Excellence (ELCE), which is an important resource for continuing research and development pooling and sharing information throughout the sector.

Ocean On Land Technology offers customers key technical assistance and training through its own research and development centre for cold-water species in Orkney. Through its network of existing customers, Ocean On Land Technology is in a favourable position to update techniques, feed materials and offer equipment upgrades where desirable to its users.

Fishery Communities

Ocean On Land Technology has a passion for supporting shell-fishing communities and involving local fisheries, merchants, and seafood producers whether in retail or the restaurant and hospitality sector.

We are particularly interested in forging links with those in education at all levels and aim to support the efforts made by users of our systems to reach out to the wider public. We have a goal, from the outset, in our projects, to encourage involvement with stakeholders in the local environment to promote a balanced and sustainable outcome.

We have a policy of providing continuing support to users whether they are businesses or local not-for-profit groups through inclusion in a wider network of technical, scientific and logistic support. In the case of local groups, this includes training and troubleshooting to those supervising volunteers.

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Farming Clawed Lobsters

Ocean On Land Technology is at the forefront of the design and testing of new systems and techniques, including feed development for this new sector of lobster farming (the rearing to table size lobsters from fertilised egg in aquaculture). We are in the process of developing both land-based and sea-based systems using our bio-secure research and development base in Orkney and are interested to work with development partners at other sites.

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