Dr Nikolas Sachlikidis - Profile

Dr Nikolas Sachlikidis

Dr Nik Sachlikidis is one of the world’s leading aquaculture and fisheries experts, bringing more than 20 years of practical experience in the government and commercial fisheries and aquaculture sectors. His broad background encompasses the culture of several commercially-important fresh and saltwater fish and crustacean species, as well as the survey of commercially important fisheries.

Having previously held a range of scientific leadership roles in industry-science based partnerships, focused on the development of lobster aquaculture techniques and technology, Nik in the aquaculture sector at a global scale. Prior to joining the team, Nik was hired by American restaurant-giant Darden to lead the build and operation of a lobster hatchery in Malaysia and was later appointed Director of Science for the group.

At Ocean On Land Technology, Nik is responsible for the implementation of the business’ aquaculture sustainability agenda and strategy, primarily focused on the development of additional aquaculture products.