Cristian Cox - Profile

Cristian Cox

An aquaculture engineer with more than 24 years of international experience in the aquaculture and industrial automation and bioengineering fields, Cristian has been involved in a number of aquaculture projects, both big and small, over the course of his career. Gaining knowledge and insight into aquaculture operations across a variety of countries including Norway, USA, Canada, Chile, The Netherlands, Malta and the United Arab Emirates, has allowed him to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the world’s very best aquaculture systems.

As Recirculation Aquaculture Systems Designer & Engineer, Cristian core focus is enhancing and optimising Ocean On Land Technology’s product range, including the flagship Aquahive® product. In addition, through research and development, Cristian aims to create new innovative aquaculture solutions to offer both new and existing clients a wider product range.